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If you want to get shortlisted for interviews, you have to get two things right. First, your resume needs to be designed to get past Applicant Tracking Systems. Second, once you have made it through to the applicant database, your resume needs to have the right content so you will be selected for interview.  You are going to learn how to achieve both of these - plus a whole lot more...

One on One Video Appraisal

Find out the truth and get easy to follow, actionable tips on how to correct any problem areas before you apply for your next job.

Beat the ATS Bots Course

Learn what ATS does to your resume when you apply for a job online plus how you can avoid the common mistakes most people make.

How the free resume appraisals work

It's going to be direct - so be warned! Discover the good, the bad and the 'must change immediately' areas.  You'll be able to improve your resume yourself, right away, with tips,  guidance, and easy to follow advice that will really make a difference.

I found his assessment blunt...

I sent Mark Daniel my resume for an appraisal and I found his assessment to be blunt. But as a professional, I would have it no other way. Mark Daniel is definitely the go-to person for a straightforward appraisal on your resume.

Russel Athaide

Marine Engineer

The appraisal was brutal...

The appraisal was brutal but it's exactly what my resume and my career aspirations needed, a quick and honest attitude adjustment, so a very sincere thank you!

Peter Brace

Peter Brace

Training & Development Manager

Advice was very helpful & much appreciated ...

My old resume was 15 years old and did not meet today's requirements especially for applying at the executive level. I recommend this service to ex-colleagues or friends currently looking for new jobs and needing help with polishing their resumes.

Liliana Firus

General Manager

What’s in the bonus course?

Everything you need to know about ATS and how to create a resume that will get you interviews.



Find out how this course works, how to use it to get the most benefit, and why it is so important to understand Applicant Tracking Systems. Then take a 2 minute survey so that we can understand what the obstacles you are facing.


Understanding ATS & How it Works

So what exactly is an Applicant Tracking System? Does every company use them or just the large corporations? And what really happens behind the scenes when you apply online for a job? You will find the answers to all these questions - plus more that you didn't know to ask - and then take a quick quiz to test your knowledge.


Getting Your Resume Format Right

Do you currently use a fancy template? Want to know if it is a good idea or the worst thing you can do? In this module you will find out what to do with headers and footers, whether you should include graphics and tables, plus the 10 ways you can be sure to achieve the perfect length for your resume. 


Getting Your Resume Content Right

Time to download your free template so you can start working through the content of your resume.  Topics include which fonts to use and which ones to avoid, contact details and how to present them, the use and misuse of bullet points, how to make the most of your work history, and whether you should use acronyms or not. Then there's another quiz to make sure you remember everything.


Other Important Things to Consider

As a bonus you are going to learn how to tailor your resume for each application you make, and why it is so important you do this.  You'll find out how your social resume can have a real impact on getting interviews and job offers, and the one extremely boring but absolutely vital thing you must always do when you write or edit your resume.


Summary & Appraisal

Finish off by reviewing all the things you have learnt and take a quick survey to let us know if you have achieved all you wanted. If you started the course prior to your appraisal, then this is the time to upload your new version so that we can give your personal resume appraisal.

Meet the Coaches

Mark Daniel

A global resume writer and career coach, Mark is known for his honest, direct, and hard-hitting advice, helping people manage job applications and succeed at interviews. Now based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, he is the co-founder of the Hi Vis Hub and a prolific publisher, contributing to several industry magazines and his daily career advice blog to his 38,000 LinkedIn followers. 

Amanda Datchens

A career coach, headhunter, and entrepreneur, Amanda works with clients spanning Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA, and has founded and been involved in developing multiple companies known for innovative HR and recruitment solutions. Originally from London but now in Queensland, Australia, she is the co-founder of the Hi Vis Hub.

What we do...

Recommend to friends and peers ...

My previous resume was not formatted well, I felt it was more just a list of jobs rather than a document that was to assist me securing a role. I had also changed my position in the market and the types of roles I am trying secure and the “job list” didn’t project that at all. I would and have recommended you to friends and peers.

David Wills

Mining Supervisor

Results increased dramatically ...

My results have increased dramatically, and I would say on average out of every 5 positions that I apply for, I receive responses back on 2-3 positions which are awesome results. I have handed your details out to basically my whole work crew.

Adrian Mensforth

Adrian Mensforth

Plant Operator

Interviewed twice in 3 days and working ever since ...

I chose you to redo my CV as I wasn't having any success with other "professional" Resume writers. Within 2 days after receiving my new resume and using it for 4 job applications, I was interviewed twice in 3 days, once by a Department Manager and others by a Recruiter and I have been working ever since!

I highly recommend your service. The process is painless and well worth the effort to get your CV right.

Peter Nitschke

Shutdown & Planning Professional


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