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What we do

What is Career Coaching?

Over the past 20 years we have successfully delivered a 'fired to hired' programme for corporate clients - and now it is available on a one one basis for individuals. You can choose individual one hour calls where you choose the topic or opt for full one on one.

One on one starts with the creation of a bespoke campaign plan, we will be there every step of the way, creating your resumes, polishing your social media profiles, showing you how to find the right opportunities, assisting you with your applications & preparing you for interviews. Whatever you need, we have it covered.

What we do

What does it include?

You decide the direction. Coaching can consist of an individual or a block of calls where you decide the topics or full on coaching where we do everything for you. This includes:

Professionally written resumes & cover letters

Save time and stress. Professional resume and cover letter writing is included so you know you will get through Applicant Tracking software and have the best format.

Professional LinkedIn profile

97% of recruiters look at candidates' LinkedIn profiles when screening them for positions so we will make sure they are not disappointed when they find yours.

Perfect job applications

Job applications can be confusing and time consuming - but not for our clients because first we help them find jobs, and then we make sure they apply for them correctly.

Interviewing prep & coaching

After intensive preparation and coaching, you'll have nothing to worry about on the big day and will sail through your interviews. We'll even help you negotiate your offers.

what we do

Who is it for?

Are you exhausted by the process of getting a new job? Don't worry, you're not alone. You need to know that if you are feeling frustrated, demotivated, or confused, it's perfectly normal. Especially if you are also trying to hold down your current job at the same time.

We have literally taken thousands of people from 'fired to hired' - and all the steps in between - sometimes one on one and sometimes in groups. So, whatever you are currently struggling with, you can be sure we have seen it before and we can get you past it so you can get the job you deserve.

What we do

About us

Mark Daniel

Co Founder - Hi Vis Hub & Real Life Career Advice

A global resume writer and career coach, Mark is known for his honest, direct, and hard-hitting advice, helping people manage job applications and succeed at interviews. Now based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, he is a prolific publisher, contributing to several industry magazines and his daily career advice blog to his 40,000+ LinkedIn followers. 

Amanda Datchens

Co Founder - Hi Vis Hub & Real Life Career Advice

A career coach, headhunter, and entrepreneur, Amanda works with clients spanning Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA, and has founded and been involved in developing multiple companies known for innovative HR and recruitment solutions. Originally from London but now in Queensland, she is passionate about helping people get the jobs they deserve.

What we do

Ultimate support

We are here to fight your corner. For those looking for more, we have our hugely successful 3 month one on one programme. This is perfect if you lack time or if the whole task of job search and interviews seems impossible.

This is a true 'do everything for you' programme where we will guide you through the process from start to finish.


Stage 1: Campaign Creation

Setting a defined career plan, taking you through all you personally need, is key to getting the results you want. We will map out your 3 month campaign with action points and milestones to keep us both on target.


Stage 2: Resume Writing

One great resume isn't enough. We will write your high performance, ATS Optimised resume for online applications & a graphically designed, striking version for direct applications. In addition, we will also produce targeted resumes for specific positions.


Stage 3: Profile Building

Next it is time to clean up and perfect your social resume. We will create a seamless. professional career profile across all your social media so that potential employers & recruiters will be impressed.


Stage 4: Job Search

We will show you how to keep control of your job search, find hidden jobs, create great relationships with recruiters, access multiple sources of opportunities, and cover how to network professionally.


Stage 5: Job Applications

So many people fall at this hurdle but we'll make sure this doesn't happen to you by showing you the right way to apply for positions. We will also create your cover letters and help you with job applications and online submissions.


Stage 6: Interview Guidance

Preparation is everything here so we will take you through the toughest common, behavioural and unusual questions and tell you, as recruiters, exactly what your interviewers are looking for.


What they say

Ivan Anthony

ivan anthony 

General Manager

I chose Career Coaching to ensure I was comfortable about how to give answers to interview questions. It gave me the confidence to proceed to final interview stage. It's been an excellent experience and I got a new role.

aarron brown

Mechanical Fitter

 I get a phone call from most applications I make. I have already recommended you several times to other people I know within the construction and mining industries.  I can't fault your service.

Stephen McKnight

stephen mcknight 

General Manager

The whole experience has been a pleasure. I am very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend you to all or use you again in the future. A thoroughly comprehensive and professional service that delivers in spades!

andrew macdonald

Crane Operator

 G'day everyone, I just wanted to give Mark Daniel a thumbs up and public thanks... A true professional, he coached me through the recruitment process offering advice on how to prepare for interviews. He took the time to call me to talk things over and made sure I understood what would probably be required (and he was correct ). All at a very competitive price in my opinion.


Individual calls or full, one on one

one hour call

Call over telephone, Skype or Zoom


  • You choose the topic/s to cover on your call
  • Pre call questionnaire to get the most from your call
  • Follow up email with advice & suggested actions
  • Membership of private LinedIn group
5hrs Coaching calls

More calls, more support, less money 


  • Save 10%
  • You choose the topic/s to cover on your call
  • Pre call questionnaire to get the most from your call
  • Follow up email with advice & suggested actions
  • Membership of private LinedIn group
ultimate one on one

Everything done for you! 


  • Save 15% if items bought separately
  • 10 hrs of coaching calls included 
  • Professionally written resume
  • Professionally written cover letter
  • LinkedIn profile creation or makeover
  • Interview preparation and guidance
  • Membership of private LinkedIn group


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